No wonder why those people working in the construction field are so muscular! Mixing and creating concrete from cement needs vigorous physical work. First you need to put the cement on the floor and mix it with sand. Then you need to add water and to create good cement, you need to mix sand and cement thoughtfully. Use shovel to mix them and this requires lots of energy and your waist may start to get pain!!

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To create good bonding concrete you need to add water and continue the mixing process to the point that the concrete becomes  mud balls.

Fill your mold with the concrete mixture and this is where our small project needs concrete by filling the space between the iron door and the door hole. It takes us almost the whole morning and most workers wouldn’t want to do it for us because it takes so much time.

photo 3

At last, you will need to mist the concrete in the following few days when it starts to get firm to touch. Water is the essential ingredient and the more water in the process in mixing, the harder of it will become.